Fritz Clay creator of SET


HairPlay Salon and Fritz Clay, creator of “SET” for all hair types—straight, natural, frizzy hair, damaged hair—a full service, multi-textured hair spa.

HairPlay Salon where “SET” was created is located on a sunny corner in the heart of Noe Valley, in San Francisco; HairPlay is a multi-cultural hair Mecca. Equally adept at turning out a sleek blow - dry or a head full of dreads, this is the one place where all hair types are truly welcome. And when we say "welcome" we don't just mean let in the door, we mean we cater to naturally straight hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, and naturally curly hair with cutting edge expertise and style. Fritz Clay, HairPlay's owner (whom dubbed a 'Lenny Kravitz - foxy maestro') leads his team of stylist with a casual cool and warmth that radiates and puts everyone at ease.

At HairPlay, the two-way flow of communication between client and stylist makes it possible to combine color, cut, and style to enhance anyone's image to the max. As Fritz once said, "HairPlay is where culture and hair come together."

On the eve of the launch of Fritz’s first hair product, “SET” styling lotion, he talked about San Francisco style and how this season, “bigger is better.” If you like natural hairstyles, they must be full and shiny. It is all about glamorous, classic, beautiful Hollywood hair, big waves, soft, curly locks and color. “SET” is NOT a hair gel but a weightless detangling moisturizing foam-lotion—unlike any other.

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