What is SET

SET Styling Foam

SET is...
• Excellent for extensions (weightless-detangling) use for blow-outs or natural.
• Great for children. detangling, helps with moisture.
• Great for defrizzing, kinky hair and naturally curly hair (moisturizing). Perfect for Black hair care.
• Perfect for blowing hair silky-straight(thermal protection).
• Perfect for clients that don't like to feel product in there hair.
• Gives healthy natural looking finish.
• Good for anyone with HAIR.

“SET” Great for Setting, Twisting, Blow-drying and Natural Hairstyles

Do you desire freedom from impossible hair?

Are your hair products giving you less than the performance that you desire?

Have you wondered how celebrity hairstyles look so perfect?

Do you need new products that will leave you with healthy hair, vibrant and manageable?

Are you looking for a product that caters to natural hairstyles as well as hairstyles to make you look sexy and chic?

“SET” is your answer!

With “SET,” a detangling, leave-in conditioner, you will enjoy more control with your natural texture or you can blow dry your hair leaving it silky smooth. With “SET” your hair will have a healthy natural shine without being weighed down. “SET” is hair styling and hair care combined with the light scent of an ocean breeze.

“SET” provides flexible hold for styling all hair textures. It is easy to foam and shares essential properties of both mousse and gel for healthy hair. It can be used as a leave-in detangler/defrizzer conditioner to control natural curly styles. “SET” is a thermal protectant for naturally shiny blow-outs.

• “SET” is setting lotion. Redefined.
• All textures, all styling needs, one product.
• If you want healthy hair that always looks ultra sexy, is very manageable and low-maintenance than use “SET.”

By Fritz (SET creator) 
After 25 years in the beauty biz, HairPlay salon owner and master stylist Fritz Clay is a bona-fide industry expert. With Fritz’s formulation of “SET”, the ultimate in hair styling products -"all things are possible for any type of hair".