Fritz has helped many clients turn their straight, lifeless hair; their frizzy hair; their kinky hair into beautiful, soft healthy hair. Fritz's amazing product "SET" revolutionizes hair styling products as a weightless detangling moisturizing foam-lotion. It's not your mother's hair gel! Here's what his clients have to say:

"I heard an ad for your SET product on smoothjazz.com and thought I'd try it. Went online-bought it- tried it LOVE IT!! Love the frizz free curls I get after I wash and go- curls that blow in the wind and are touchable WOOT!"

-Raquell L. Jones

"I also wanted to mention that the SET you gave me is amazing in my hair. It is making my morning so easy... I get pretty, shiny curls quickly!!! Love it!"

-Alva Polinsky
Editor, Real Simple Magazine

"I wanted to thank you for the SET. I have been using it with great results. My stepdaughter, Kate is 9 years old and has some great things to say about the product."

-Marianna Marino Thomas
Marino Marketing

"I tried the new and improved SET (extra hold) and it is fabulous! Thanks so much!"

-Sylvie L.

"I'm always looking for the right product for my naturally curly hair. I have found the product, SET, it takes care of my frizz and defines my curls and it's so soft and shiny I highly recommend the Wonder "SET".

-Cheryl L.

"I just wanted to let you know that I can't live without your miracle product SET!!! I love it. I am almost out of the product so I just ordered the package of buy 2 get 1 free. I really wanted to share it with my family but I just love it so much that I didn't want to spare a drop. I will part with some from this new order so they can get hooked on it too."

-Soraiya Hamedani-Smida
Creative Director, Two Dog Net, Inc.

"I tried SET light this morning and love it! I did a messy look with my hair and it looks so natural. I was thinking it would become stiff and flaky during the day, but it just feels natural when I touch it. I totally did not expect my hair to feel so soft. I love SET!"

-Mark R. Moonier
Owner, Community Lending Network

"I love putting SET in my hair before I blowdry. It leaves my hair incredibly soft and light, plus it takes the frizz out of my ends. Most days it's the only product I use, which is saying a lot from a product junkie like me!"

-Sarah Conroy
Martha Stewart Living

"I have been going to Hair Play about a year and it's the best. My hair always looks ultra sexy and is very manageable and low-maintenance, thanks to my stylist and SET. I tried your setting lotion and it's the best product I've used."

-Claudia DeFonte Galvan
Executive Assistant